The Museum is located next to the Monumental Olive Tree of Vouves, the oldest olive tree in the ...
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Wreath bestowed upon the German ultramarathon veteran Jurgen Mennel, made from the "kotinos" branch, from the Ancient Olive Tree of Vouves, Kallimarmaron Stadium, 21/10/2010.

German ultramarathon veteran Jurgen Mennel arrived at the ancient Kallimarmaro (Panathenian) Stadium in Athens, venue of the first Modern Olympic Games, on Thursday 21 October, 2010, after running 2,200 kilometers from Strasbourg in 30 days in his own personal tribute to the 2,500th anniversary of the historic 490 BC Battle of Marathon, covering more than 70 kilometers per day.  He was congratulated by the Greek Minister of Culture, Mr. Pavlos Geroulanos and the Mayor of Kolymbari, Mr. Polyhronis Polyhronidis